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Dear Reader

I’ve always loved to write, always. Just ask my parents and my former English teachers. I was always the girl with a pen and journal in hand.

I don’t know what God has planned for me as a writer. All I know is that He gave me a passion/desire/gift to put words to paper and share with others. And so I write.

Here is a list of where I am writing outside of my blog. If you would like to add to this list, please send me an email at KittrellsinHaiti@gmail.com





3 Christian(y) Phrases We Should Stop Saying

Dare You To Dream

Give Thanks FOR God, Not Just TO Him

Everyday Missionary  

Five Ways to Prepare for Your Summer Mission Trip 

Spiritual Gift: Service 

The Gift of Hope 

From Their View 

3 Christian(y) Phrases We Should All Stop Staying

Lipscomb University 

Tips for Trips: Advice from a Haitian Missionary 


With My Spouse 

How Adoption Has Made Me a Better Global Worker

Velvet Ashes

A Season of Dependency 

3 Cheap Ways to Survive Homeschool This School Year

The Christian Chronicle

Five ways to minister to your missionaries  

The church hasn’t changed a bit

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