Favorite Posts


My Little Ones Have White Parents (and they are starting to notice)

A Letter to my Daughter: “What Kind of Woman Will You Raise Me to Become?”

I Quit Homeschooling (& I Don’t Feel Guilty) 

My Kids Don’t Like Church 

Oh Baby! It’s a Baby!

I am Terrified 

Birth Story, Reflections, & Photos 

Our Adoption Story

Missionary Life

I’m a 1st World Gal Learning to be a Mama in the 3rd World

Being a Missionary With Your Spouse is HARD STUFF!

Next time you ask a missionary what their greatest challenge is…

3 Favorites for 3 Things:Reflections on 3 Years in Haiti

We Are Trying Out Normal 


When in Haiti Bring Your Camera But Also Bring Your Respect

I Don’t Want to be a Missionary Anymore (unless you do too)

We Have Been a Crutch 

Their Voice : Their Heart : Their Pain

Do You Know Your Neighbor?

Growing Up Without Parents in Haiti

Where Are The Men?

Emmaus House/ Youth in Haiti 

We are Handing Them the Line

The Healing Process

I Know You Have Questions About Emmaus House- My 1st Video Blog

Lobe’s Fall, God’s Protection, and the Road to Brain Surgery 

It Shapes You: The Privilege of Family, Education, Opportunity, Hope (and the lack thereof)

America vs. Haiti: Foster Care, Aging Out Youth & the Church

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