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WARNING: If you are looking to be inspired by a missionary who has got it all together and who is out there changing the world, let me just stop you right here. This will not the be the blog for you. There is no togetherness here. Just a girl who somehow ended up in Haiti and there became a mother and a sincere lover of God’s grace.

Living in Haiti has taught me a lot. Most of all,  I have learned that the world often has a very warped idea of what a “missionary” is supposed to look like. Moving overseas I thought perfection was expected, and when I found myself continually falling short I didn’t know what to do.

God, thankfully, was bigger than the expectations, bigger than my doubt, and bigger than my failures. And for whatever reason he chose to still use me in this country that I love despite how unworthy I have been.

Hence a blog based on confessions.

Here, my prayer is that I can share my story- how an ordinary Christian woman became a (not so perfect) missionary. But even more so, I am writing in attempt to encourage God’s people. I want to give an insider’s scoop, if you will, about what life as a missionary really entails. Setting my previous savior complex aside (yes, I moved to Haiti with a superhero cape tightly tied around my neck), I want to expose the not-so-pretty side of missions. Not because I don’t believe in its importance- I whole heartedly do- but simply because I think we as the church can do better at sending prepared missionaries out into the world. In other words, I want my stories to inspire future/current missionaries to do this whole missions thing better than I have.

So THANK YOU for joining me on my journey and allowing me to confess my struggles as a missionary. May God’s grace continue to cover us all. Because without it we are nothing.

~ Jillian

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12 Comments on “About Me

  1. Chris at the Dimwit Diary sent me here. Cool blog! I followed you. Doing missionary work has been in my heart for years and still I don’t have plans to do missionary work as it is normally thought of (God is instead sending me to Spain to teach English which considering the state of the country right now is a kind of mission, at least that’s the attitude I’m going in with, because the kids there really need English to avoid becoming another unemployment stat). In any case, I’m sure that in His timing He will have me do some missionary work that deals more directly with poverty, so I look forward to getting updates from your blog to see what it’s like and what the challenges are. Sorry for the long comment haha.
    God Bless,


    • Debbie
      Thanks for the message. I think going to Spain to teach English sounds incredible. I have a cousin who did that and loved it. I believe God can use us all over the world in all sorts of capacities as long as we are willing to be sent. I was a teacher before moving to Haiti and I think you will have so many opportunities to help your students as a teacher- especially in impoverished areas. My God bless and use you wherever He sends you!


      • Hi Jillian – Larry Griffith trying to make contact. Since Phil has been gone from West End, I have become the lliaison for the work in Haiti to the Mission Committee. We are coming up on the date of our annual review of the works we support and I need some information from you. If you have a direct email address to which I could send an attachment, it will work much better and faster. Just send your email to lagr99@comcast.net. For the time being, I am going to try to send a response to your blog with an attachment – not sure if it will work. Hope things are going well – I know you stay busy!


  2. Hey Jillian, my name is Ann, I am 53 yrs old and went on my first mission trip which was to Haiti last month, man did it change my heart and my life. I left part of my heart in Ranquitte Haiti with the children of the Christian Flights compound. I look for information, to hear from the people of Haiti, of Ranquitte especially. I found your blog and your husbands quite by accident. The people of Ranquitte are in so much poverty but yet they are full of joy. Anyway, just wanted to say you and your husband are very courageous. Love the children for my please.


  3. Hi Jillian,

    I’m just wondering if you know the Rakoczy’s. They lived near Cape Haitian for about 3 years. They were part of the “water project.” susanrakoczy@gmail.com Myself, I served in Hungary for the past 8 years at The International Christian School of Budapest as the Guidance Counselor. I was a missionary with RG (ReachGlobal) the mission arm of the Evangelical Free Church of America. Your ministry is very vital. May God continue to use you in His service. Elaine Balogh


  4. If it’s of any interest to you, there is a new online community for Christian Missionary Moms . . .

    The “Moms in Missions” website http://momsinmissions.com

    And the “Christian Moms in Missions” Facebook group. http://www.facebook.com/groups/672492636266355

    Both the website and the Facebook group are brand new, so we wanted to extend an invitation to you and would love it if you could help spread the word and invite other missionary moms to join!

    Blessings in Christ!


  5. Hey Jillian, you have such great insight into the lives of Haitians for those of us that love the people and land but must live in the U.S. Please don’t stop writing. I have learned so much from you. Ann Clemmons


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