Nalandson and Dalencia’s Questions About America: 2 Weeks Out

The countdown is on! Two weeks until our family heads to the States for two whole months! This will be the longest break we’ve had from Haiti since we moved here in 2011, and the first we’ve had altogether. To say we are excited would be an understatement. Even Jake is waking up every morning calling out for “Poppy’s boat” and “Airplane.”

While in the States we will be spending a lot of time with family and friends, introducing Nalandson and Dalencia to all the grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and close friends of ours they have never met. A huge chunk of our time will also be spent meeting with churches and individuals about Emmaus House. We are greatly looking forward to meeting with supporters face to face, for this is something we don’t often get to do.

As our departure date get closer and closer, Nalandson and Dalencia have been overflowing with questions about what America will be like. It’s been fun to watch their imaginations run wild. Although they are excited to be going in the summer, they are pretty disappointed they still will have to hold off a while before experiencing their first snow.

Anyway, I have been trying my best to keep a running record of some of N and D’s funniest questions so I could share with you. Maybe you can help my kiddos out and answers a few of them of them 😉

DalenciaCormier family vacation-50

Will we be able to drink juice and milk everyday?

Will there be trash on the ground?

Is church going to be 4 hours long there too?

Are things in American expensive?

Will there be lizards and frogs inside of Gran’s house?

Will we need to bring our mosquito zapper?

Can I try cotton candy in America?

Nalandson Cormier family vacation-51

The pilot who will fly our airplane from Haiti to America, can we trust him?

Will there be people walking in the street with the big baskets on their heads selling things?

Do dogs bark loud there, or only in Haiti?

Will I have to go buy the drinking water everyday?

Can we walk on a sidewalk one day?

Do they have Moana in America?

Will Daddy always walk around without a shirt on like he does here?

Got an answers?!?

~ Jillian

8 Comments on “Nalandson and Dalencia’s Questions About America: 2 Weeks Out

  1. Dalencia, I think somewhere you’ll find some cotton candy! I hope it’s pink, purple, or blue! You’ll have lots of juices, even lots of little juice packs! And you might get to drink chocolate and strawberry milk often if the grocery store has them! Oh, and most times, church services are shorter…sometimes just one hour! And get ready to hug lots of new people who already love you!

    Nalandson, there should be lots of sidewalks to walk on, but wear your shoes because they get hot in the sunshine! You know what, dogs bark loud in America, too but they’re usually on leashes or in the house or backyard. Most people don’t know how to carry baskets atop their heads, though, but men usually wear their shirts unless they are swimming. Oh, I think you can say a prayer that God will help you to trust the pilots! Get ready to meet lots of new people who love you!


  2. I think the children can expect everything to be much larger and greener. Such as Houses, street, stores, parks, trees, food servings, and the fact in Tennessee we do not have a beautiful sea, sandy beaches, fresh seafood and swaying palm trees.
    Be safe traveling and good luck.


  3. Dalencia, you will be able to drink different kinds of juice and milk every day. There may be a little trash on the ground in places but not everywhere. Church will not be 4 hours long. Some things are expensive in America. If there are frogs and lizards in Gran’s house then they will probably be in an aquarium as a pet. We do have mosquitoes in Tennessee but we also have mosquito zappers so you won’t need to bring yours with you. I’m sure you will get to have cotton candy several times in the two months you’re here.

    Nalandson, I have never distrusted a pilot so I’m pretty sure you’re safe, but you can say a prayer just in case. The plane ride will definitely be longer than a four hour church service. People do not walk around with baskets on their head but maybe you can go to a farmers market and see people selling things out of their baskets from tables. Dogs bark loudly everywhere but hopefully they won’t disturb your sleep. You will not have to go by drinking water everyday. I’m sure you will walk on many sidewalks while you’re here. We do have Moana in America. Daddy may walk around with his shirt off if he is working in the yard or going swimming but he will probably wear it most of the time.

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  4. Please tell Nalandson that there is a neighbor’s dog that barks very loudly here in my Seattle area neighborhood 🙂
    Oh, I hope they enjoy the juice and the cotton candy and the no lizards in the living room!
    Praying for you guys!


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