Family Adventures Around Haiti

I had every intention of blogging my way through our trip through Haiti…but thank you lack of WiFi and 3G…it was just not possible.

So here I am, back in Cap Haitien, exhausted and trying to catch up on laundry. This country is beautiful, but I have to say I am partial to my city and I am glad to be home.

Instead of writing a long blog about every single thing we did, every single person we met, and every single place we visiting (because boring and quite frankly, who has time to read that?) I thought I would simply share our adventures in pictures. I will include a list of names and links below to the various businesses and organizations we visited along the way. They were all awesome and you should totally check them out.

So, thanks be to a photographer for a husband, for otherwise I may never have visual proof of the life I live….


These are the winding mountain roads we had the pleasure of driving for six hours each way.


Welcome to Jacmel – a city full of beautiful mosaics! 


Jamel from the air.


Walking the mosaic boardwalk.


Playing soccer.


Still walking…


You can be jealous if you want- we called this place home for two days. Pretty amazing, huh?


Hello from our tree house.


Jake appreciated his precious time with his dinosaurs. 


They weren’t so happy for this photo op. They wanted to be outside exploring. Which we let them do after right after this picture, don’t worry.


Even though we skipped school for the week, we still had daily reading time. They thought I was a super awesome mom for this…ha!


Just swimming in an icy cold basin. Seriously, Haiti is hot, but that water was freezing!


Chilling on the rock watching dad jump the waterfall. 


Family photo at Basin Bleu.


Me talking with Maria from Jasper House about how to encourage leadership.


The Haiti Made workshop. LOVED!


Respire Haiti from the sky.


Chatting with Megan from Respire about the (not so) fun world of the adoption process in Haiti, I’m sure.


A must “let’s get out of the car and cross the dangerous street to take a picture with this view” picture. Because my mom used to make me do this as a child on family road trips, so now I shall also make my children.


People and places we visited…

Help One Now

Jasper House

Surf Haiti Guest House

Hands and Feet

Haiti Made

Respire Haiti

Haiti Made Cafe

Ayiti Ink

Global Orphan Project

Haiti Design Co.

Quisqueya University

~ Jillian

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