Goodbyes and Hellos

Goodbyes are never easy, but Hellos can be lots of fun. We’ve had a mix of both this past week at Emmaus House. Here’s to name a few:

Goodbye Djouly:


This past Monday we said goodbye to Djouly as he left to begin college in Arkansas. I could pour my heart out over this kid, but I’ll spare you the ooshy gooshy madness that is my mind right now. I cried like a baby watching him leave. Bless his new host parents who continued to send me pictures throughout the day of his new experiences in the airport and arriving at his new home. We were able to Facetime with him this morning, and seeing him grin from ear to ear was so good for my soul. Seriously cannot wait to go visit him (hopefully) soon!

Goodbye Big House:


Three years ago our family and a group of unruly teenagers left orphanage life and moved to Emmaus House. Boys on the top level. Girls on the bottom. House family in a little apartment beside the boys. Hunter and me down the street. It worked for a while, but keeping 17 teenagers (both boys and girls) in the same house was never our long-term intention. This weekend we said Goodbye to the Big House and moved into two smaller houses in the same community- one for the boys and one for the girls. This Goodbye has been difficult, as the adjustment to something new always takes time, but we are confident this move will help Emmaus House better meet the needs of our youth.

Goodbye Friends:


Our lives have been full of visitors for the past month. New friends and old friends all came to encourage us and help with the work at Emmaus House. I had three people camping out on my rooftop for a few weeks. My neighbors loved the sight, I’m sure. Although our days can be quite hectic and out of routine when we host visitors, it is always sad to see good friends go, especially when seeing them is so few and far between.

Hello Max:


With Djouly’s top bunk bed open, a new student from the orphanage moved up to Emmaus House yesterday. Max, who turned 18 this spring, it the newest member of the boy’s home. A young basketball star and high achieving student, we are so excited to say Hello and Welcome to our friend.

Hello Marjorie:

Marjorie Emmaus House June 2016-7409

This young lady was one of my dearest friends back at the orphanage, and I was so sad when we had to part ways. Thankfully though, God had plans to bring us back together. After teaching in the Dominican Republic for the past few years, Marjorie has returned to Haiti and is the new housemother for our young ladies. Watching her interact with and love our girls the past few weeks, I can’t count the number of times I have said, “Oh how I love you,” to her. Because seriously, I do.

Hello New Houses:


As I mentioned before, we’ve moved and said Hello to two new houses. Although the teens were hesitant at first, they are all so happy saying Hello to their new homes.

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~ Jillian

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