How Adoption Has Made Me a Better Global Worker

Dalen-6-Cormier (7 of 39) Published on Thrive Connection 

“Mom, can I ask you a question even if it might make you mad?” my daughter asked as she began her schoolwork at the kitchen table.

“You can ask me anything you want, sweet girl,” I replied.

She took a deep breath and nervously began scribbling at the top corner of her worksheet.

“Why did you pick me?” she asked. “Out of all the kids in the orphanage, why did you pick me? Was I really sick? Was I just really cute? Why me?”

It is a story my husband and I have told our children a hundred times. We have even made picture books to help them remember, but sometimes their hearts just need a gentle reminder. On this particular day, my daughter needed to hear her story. Reaching for her hand, I put her pencil down, smiled, and started at the beginning…


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