That Time I Made My National TV Debut Sporting A Teething Necklace

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 8.14.37 AM

That’s right folks….I made my National TV debut attempting to pull off a teething necklace as if it were a reasonable fashion accessory. (See picture above) Only a few minutes prior to this shot, that necklace was covered in baby slobber and I apparently never considered taking it off for the cameras.

I. Am. Officially. Awesome.

Anyway, it’s true. A while back we were blessed with the opportunity to share our story with Caitlin Burke, childhood friend of Hunter and reporter for CBN News. Although this segment is a lot about us, Emmaus House would be nothing without our God who oversees it all, the dedication of our Haitian staff, the wisdom of our directors stateside, and the love of our many supporters. So thank you. All of you. Together God is using us to make a difference in the lives of young adults in Haiti.

CLICK HERE to see the full video featured today on the 700 Club.

Or if you are in need of a quality/ stylish teething necklace that your baby will love, check out Mama & Little and get one day. Seriously, it was one of my top three baby purchases hands down next to diapers and my baby carrier.

~ Jillian



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