Confession #140: On Leg Pain, Gilmore Girls & Adoption

This picture is completely unrelated to this post...but in other BIG news, this kid finally called me

This picture is completely unrelated to this post…but in other BIG news, this kid finally called me “mama” this past week.

It’s been a while, huh? Sorry. Our lives have been a little off center the past few weeks.

For starters, I’ve been in Tennessee. That wasn’t planned. Actually I booked a ticket home and left on the same day three weeks ago. It was crazy.

Long story short- I have had some pretty serious leg pain for about six weeks now. I know that sounds silly. Leg pain. Big deal. Suck it up, right? That’s what I thought for a while.

My right leg has always given me problems on and off. After a severe break in high school it has had the ability to predict cold weather fronts far quicker than So when the pain started mid-September I thought, Hey, the storm clouds are a-coming. Except for this time the cold weather never came and the leg kept hurting and swelling. Most days I couldn’t even walk to Emmaus House. It was miserable. The pain made me depressed and the unknown hurt more than the leg itself.

After doing as much as I could in Haiti I decided to come to Tennessee. Without boring you with all the details I have been told I have Compartment Syndrome. Nothing serious, but uncomfortable nonetheless. I am not sure how long it will take me to get back to normal, but I am going ahead and heading home on Thursday. After three weeks away, I am going through some major withdraws from my people.

In the meantime, though, I’ve worked my way through multiple seasons of Gilmore Girls. (So many high school/early college flashbacks) Gotta get ready for its Netflix Original

Hunter's aunt Kaye Kittrell

Hunter’s aunt Kaye Kittrell

debut! Not to mention while working my way through season 6 yesterday I spotted Hunter’s aunt just hanging out with Rory at a good ‘ol D.R.A meeting. Crazy, huh?

I finally got around to reading Jen Hatmaker’s new book For the Love. I laughed. I cried. I may have hugged the book a few times like a dear friend.

I caught up with many great friends over scrumptious dinner tables.

I ate Chick-fil-A five times.

I went grocery shopping just for fun and cooked meals in a big kitchen just for fun…just because I could.

I washed multiple loads of laundry a day…because there are these things called dryers and 24/7 electricity. Did you know?

And my family. Man. It has been really great to be with family.

My time here has been great. Really. But it’s time…

Oh yeah, in other REALLY exciting news…wait for it…wait for it….


(Insert jumping for joy, screaming, clapping, and happy tears here.)

I can’t even believe I really just typed that out. Four years of waiting to finally make your kids your kids does a lot to the soul. But God is faithful, friends. So incredible faithful. As our steps progress, I will make sure to keep everyone updated on the blog. But for now, I am just happy to say that the Kittrell family has officially been given the green flag to run this wild race called adoption!

Well that’s all for now. My dad just brought home Krispy Kreme and the lemon filled donuts are calling my name.

Please keep my family in your prayers. We trust God in all things, but we know adoptions are hard and time consuming and we need to make sure we remain patient and faithful no matter what.

Thanks. Love you all.


2 Comments on “Confession #140: On Leg Pain, Gilmore Girls & Adoption

  1. This Compartment Syndrome sounds quite serious. I hope it resolves without the intense treatments mentioned. Whenever the body is giving you strong signals, we must listen. We are what we eat, don’t forget. Our health is directly connected to what we eat and drink. Congrats on the shift to adopt! God is Good.


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