Confession #132: When it rains…Sometimes it just rains

dalen rain 1I love when it rains in Haiti.

Not like the flooding kind of rain, but the peaceful evening kind of rain.

The kind of rain that covers my steamy, oven-like house with grey puffy clouds, shielding us from the hot Haitian sun.

The kind of rain that brings the children inside, puts all the moto taxis at ease, and creates quiet in the streets.

The kind of rain that makes me grab a blanket, brew a cup of coffee, and relax.

It’s been raining a lot in the evenings lately, and I am loving it.

*   *   *   *   *

There is a saying that goes: When it rains, it pours.

I used to say it all the time. In years past I often felt like I was drowning in floodwaters. With rain boots permanently buckled on my feet, I daily weathered storm after storm. Thus was life my first years oversees.

For a long time, I feared the rain, always terrified that it would eventually turn into a storm. But now, I have come to embrace the rain. Again, not the flooding type, but the kind of rain that keeps me humble and reminds me that I still occasionally need to step inside for shelter.

Here is what I have learned overtime: You can’t stop the rain. It will come and go as it pleases. But you can choose how you are going to react to it. You can try to fight it, but you are only going to end up soaking wet and with a cold. You can hide from it, but that can become rather depressing. Or, you can take refuge in God’s shelter and ask Him to make the most of your time inside.

Sometimes, the rain really does pour. Trust me, my rain boots are always on standby. But sometimes, it just rains. Just enough to keep me grounded and relying on Him. Just enough to remind me I am not in control. Just enough to make me stronger, wiser, and more prepared for the next storm.

*   *   *   *   *

As I sit here in my bed, I can hear the rain slowly falling outside my window. I have laundry hanging on the line. Oh well. The sun will come out in the morning and I know within hours they will dry. I’m staying inside. All will be well.

~ Jillian


2 Comments on “Confession #132: When it rains…Sometimes it just rains

  1. Beautiful writing, Jillian. It seems true that life is a mix of rain and sunshine! It takes both – rain and sunshine – to create one of God’s amazing rainbows. May your days have their share of rainbows, too!


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