Confession #113: Conversations in a Car


Back when Hunter and I were dating we used to spend countless hours a week in his hand-me-down navy blue Tahoe (complete with a box phone). Now before you get the wrong idea (seriously, get your mind out of the gutter) let me explain.

We went to a Christian college- one where boys and girls weren’t allowed in each other’s rooms and curfew was stricter than at our own parents’ houses. So for us, if we wanted to talk alone on an average day, we typically resorted to the Tahoe parked somewhere on campus…or the nearby Sonic drive-in.

That old Tahoe, in many ways, was like our private little sanctuary. Between parking lot dates and road trips home we learned about each other in that truck. It was where we discussed theology, prayed together, and dreamed about our futures together. It was where we shared stories of our past, laughed until we cried, played our favorite songs, and had our first kiss. With my feet reclined up on the dashboard and Hunter playing DJ with all the mixed CDs we young lovebirds made for each other, we cherished every moment.

After we got married we traded in the old Tahoe. It was a sad day, but it didn’t matter. We had a new SUV and therefore new memories to make, new stories to share, new places to see, and new music to play.

Once we moved to Haiti, we shared a new truck with the orphanage- one that just like our vehicles of the past would become our private sanctuary. Sometimes, after a stressful day at the work, we would resort to our old ways and go hide out in the truck just to talk.

It’s been 1 year and 8 months now since Hunter and I have had a private drive/sitting in a vehicle. I know that number sounds really exaggerated, but it is true. One year and eight months ago is when the previous vehicle we used to drive in Haiti was wrecked (by another person while we were in the states) which led to the purchase of our motorcycle. And as much as we have tried, having meaningful conversation on the moto is near impossible.

With our SUV still stuck in customs, we have missed the days of riding in a car together. I had no idea how much either until the other day when we took a trip to the boarder. We are currently renting what my family is calling a “toy car”. Big enough just to fit the four of us plus a few backpacks, this gem was the cheapest thing we could find to rent while we continue to wait for our broker to follow through at the port.

Anyway, this week Hunter and I took a trip to go grocery shopping in the town across the boarder in the Dominican Republic. Although it takes about an hour to get there, the quality and prices of food are worth the trip. (Plus, they have cheese. Tons of cheese! And that, my friends, is a missionary’s dream come true.) The ride was rather toasty. October is the hottest month of the year in Haiti and our toy car doesn’t have AC. But we didn’t care, because for the first time in almost two years we were driving with each other again.

I realize we spend our everyday together. We live in the same home and even share a job. We have plenty of time to talk and bond. But for us, since the beginning of our relationship, there is just something special about our conversations in a car. Maybe it is the sight seeing or maybe it is because we can simply focus on each other. I don’t know. But we talked and laughed more than we have in long time together in the toy car. Although most of it was pointless, like discussing how we don’t understand the advertising strategies of billboards in Haiti or what our favorite lunch combinations were in elementary school (rectangle pizza, chocolate milk, and ice cream- duh!), was not the point. The point was the drive…together.

I love the conversations we have together in cars. Our times spent driving or just sitting and talking are some of my favorites. It’s so simple and perhaps even cheesy, I know, but it’s true.

What about you? Where do you and your spouse like to hide out and talk?

~ Jillian

Please continue to pray with us about the release of our SUV. After all, God can move mountains!

One Comment on “Confession #113: Conversations in a Car

  1. Nice article, Jillian. It brought back some of wonderful memories because it was in the car where you preferred to have serious conversations. It began in high school and sometime I would “side track my agenda” just so I could have more of those precious moments. I still cherish them.

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