Confession #109: I Want To Be A Part Of The Change: Jetro’s Personal Essay

10615504_345798568910839_617075718833790069_nMy name is Jetro Compère. I am 19 years old and currently in Rheto at College Christ Roi. I was born and raised in Cap Haitien, Haiti. My interests include reading, studying languages, and social studies. I really enjoy learning more about different societies around the world and taking what I learn from their examples and dream of ways to apply them to my country. Since I was little, I have always been an observant person and I have always tried to find ways to solve problems in Haiti. Some of the problems I often observe are the mentally and physically handicapped who are not being cared for, the amount of children working (like on tap-taps) who should be in school, and an education system that is out-of-date and often unfair.

My greatest strengths are my persistence, my desire to learn, my language skills, and my empathy and ability to relate to other people. These strength came from the challenges I have overcome in my life. The greatest challenge I have overcome was losing my mom when I eleven years old. I used to miss her a lot and think that I couldn’t make it without her. But now I realize I was born with all the skills I need to be successful and I don’t need to depend on other people.

It is very important that I use my skills and interests to help other people. I often use my skills as a young leader to teach Bible lesson at my house. I also try to be a good example to my friends and give them advice when they need it. My favorite way to use my skills is to help missionary teams who come to Haiti by translating for people who are in need. For example, this summer I translated for a medical team. I worked with Dr. Daniel Smith from Tennessee. Together we saw hundreds of patients from different communities in the North and Artibonites. I enjoy doing this because I love helping fellow Haitians.

The topic that interests me the most is international cooperation. As I said earlier, I like to learn about different countries around the world. I see great value in learning from developed countries- learning from both their successes and their mistakes. I believe Haiti needs to have more international cooperation so other countries can help teach us and help us progress. Partnering with developed countries can teach us how to care for the mentally and physically ill. It can also help us develop programs to help children who are working go to school. We can also take examples from other countries to create a new modern education system of our own.

 Yes, I want to be a part of the change in Haiti.

~ Jetro

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