Confession #101: Will You Pray With Us?

Hunter and Jillian KittrellTomorrow morning we’re off.

Off to Tennessee. Off to family. Off to the land of southern casseroles and sweet tea.

As super exciting as that may be, leaving to go to America for short periods of time is always bittersweet. Bittersweet because we can’t yet travel with our kids which means we are always incomplete while in the states and in every moment wishing they were with us, with our family, and experiencing the life we can’t wait to one day give them. It’s also bittersweet because although we try our best to take a rest from our work, our work always lingers in our minds. So although we cherish our times of retreat, it is never without the sacrifice of our family or the ones we work with.

But off we go. This trip we will be in Tennessee/Virginia for 13 days- spending time with family, celebrating my brother’s wedding, visiting the doctor, and being blessed with a baby shower.

While we are absent from Haiti, I want to ask you: Will you pray with us?

  1. Our family: For Nalandson and Dalencia as they watch us leave (again) and are unable to join us. And for Hunter and me as we have to try to explain to our 5 and 7 year old why our family has be separated.
  2. Miranda: Our friend Miranda will be staying at our house with our littles while we are gone. Pray for her safety and sanity as well as her health as she watches our kids and takes over some of our responsibilities at Emmaus House. May chikungunya stay far, far away!!!
  3. Gerome, Jonathan, and Vivian as they now work with a house of teens on summer vacation
  4. Djooly and Merly as they finish their national exams
  5. Djooly as he spends the summer preparing for the TOFEL exam and looking for college scholarships in America
  6. Merly as we begin looking for universities in Haiti
  7. Lobe and Mackendy as they begin the TOFEL course this month
  8. Kencia and Guerdine who will be cooking for Miranda and our kids and helping out around the house while we are gone
  9. Blessings over a new year at Emmaus House as we pay rent this week
  10. Blessings over our finances
  11. Baby Kittrell: Pray that our doctor appointment goes well, that baby and me are healthy, and that our plans will continue to come together to deliver safely in Haiti.
  12. Summer at Emmaus House: We have a special summer professional series as well as two teams coming to work with our teens. Pray that our teens will take advantage of their time this summer and that the temptation to be lazy will not be present.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support over our family and Emmaus House. We are more than grateful for all of you.


~ Jillian


3 Comments on “Confession #101: Will You Pray With Us?

  1. Jillian we are praying for all of you. The big concerns you have are only overshadowed by an even BIGGER GOD who has you covered. We love you all.


  2. Praying for you all! Thank you for all the specifics. We moved across the long state of Tennessee to Memphis- so I’m sorry we will miss you. Please give a big hug to all the Kittrells~


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