Confession #97: We Are Trying Out Normal

Living the way we do…

Where work, home, and family time kind of intertwine.

Where daily schedules are only a dream

Where there are no Saturday zoo outing options

And where you live differently, speak differently, and have different life experiences than 99.9% of the population around you.

Well, life can sometimes feel not so normal.

Raising a family here in Haiti, I often get caught up in the wishing and longing for normalcy.

Okay, let me correct myself.

I long for the normalcy I know.

I long to take my kids to a state park to go camping. To go see a movie. To go shopping. To go to visit the lake on my in-laws house boat. To go rent a book at the local library. To take our dogs to the dog park. To go out to eat at some place other than La Kay or Ti Boukan. To go watch a football game with my family. To enroll Nalandson in a soccer league. To take them to Disney World. To buy Dalencia her first set of pom poms. To plan a family vacation.

Oh…sometimes I long for these things so much it hurts. Literally makes my heart hurt. I know these things are coming. In God’s perfect timing He will bless us with gifts such as these. And although I know we, as a family, belong in Haiti right now, the longing for the future still remains.

Still, I have been trying to find ways to achieve some of my normalcy while living here in Haiti with my kids.

Our two greatest sources?

School and dance class.

We have been greatly blessed by both. Not only are our kids learning a lot, but socially they are growing and maturing as well.

So today, I thought I would share some pictures of a little bit of both…just to show that the Kittrell family, is in fact, slightly normal.

*   *   *   *   *

Dalencia’s dance school performed Snow White this past weekend. Here she is doing her solo scene with Snow White. (I’ve been trying to upload this dance to YouTube all day. Currently it is telling me I have 49.695 more minutes remaining. So anytime now…)

Blanche-Neige-2014 (566 of 1321)

The full cast on stage for the last dance. Can’t you tell Dalencia was having the time of her life?

Blanche-Neige-2014 (1173 of 1321)

Dalencia with some of her classmates from school on water day.


Nalandson playing in a relay race. (And nope, he didn’t fall once!)


Dalencia running in a race. It took her a while to figure out how organized sports/games actually work.


The kids with their classmates on dress up day. They had to dress up as someone they want to be when they grow up. (Check out that rough & tough looking football player!)



















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