Confession #96: “Learning what it looks like to be a part of a family”


AndyLiving at the orphanage among 50+ kids, Andy was never one that I had the chance to know. Quiet, reserved, and ears typically plugged with his earphones, he was never one that stood out. I saw him mostly when he needed me to sign him out to play soccer, a sport he thrives at playing. And then we moved to Emmaus House, and although he is still his introverted self, Andy is shining brightly.

A few months ago Andy sat down with Gerome, our Haitian administrator, to update his six-month goals. Gerome asked him what he loves the most about Emmaus House. “I like it here because I am finally learning what it looks like to be a part of a family,” he replied.

“Learning what it looks like to be a part of a family” has been key is Andy’s development over the past 10 months. Household chores, cooking with his house mom, assisting Jonathan with family devotionals, living in an actual house with structure and rules, and having the love, support, and mentorship from “parents” have all helped teach Andy about what a real family looks likes here in Haiti.

Everyday at 4:00 Andy is always the first one to respond to complete his chores. Almost daily, I see him assisting in the kitchen. If not cooking, he is offering to help carry the heavy pots for those who are. He is always volunteering during devotionals, something he never used to do. After failing school two years in a row, he is now making some of the highest grades among the teens. And he has scored more 4’s on his weekly Behavior Level System than anyone, meaning he has earned the highest allowance and privileges in the house.

Tony Evans once said, “It is far easier to shape a child than to repair an adult”. At Emmaus House, we work with young adults and we can vouch for the truthfulness in this statement. As a child, Andy grew up as one of many in an orphanage. Now, at age 21, he is finally experiencing the love, attention, and shaping he lacked for so many years, and he is thriving.

Andy is proof that God is working through Emmaus House to raise up these teenagers, to repair what was once broken, and to train them to be young men and women after His own heart. Andy is an example to all our teenagers and has developed a character they all measure themselves with. I can’t begin to count the number of times I have heard our teens say, “Did I score as high as Andy on my levels?” or “Is Andy already working? I guess I need to work too.” His fellow brothers and sisters at Emmaus House see how he has changed and they want to follow in his footsteps.

We are so thankful for Andy at Emmaus House. And we find it a privilege to be a part of his young adulthood- a time where God is seeking him, molding him, and preparing him for his future. We ask that you all join us in prayer for Andy:

1.     Please pray that he continues is his growth and learning what it means to be a part of a family.

2.     Andy still needs $75 a month in order to have all his sponsorship needs met.

3.     And this is our biggest prayer request: Andy has not yet given his life to Christ. He is searching, speaking with Jonathan, and reading his Bible more than ever. God is pursing him and it is evident. So let us all join together in prayer that Andy will choose a life with Christ.

For more information on SPONSORING Andy, please email me at kittrellsinhaiti@gmail. And please consider pledging towards our RENT this year so that teens like Andy can continue their development in becoming independent young adults under the loving wisdom, care, and direction of parents.


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