Confession #78: My Little Ones Have White Parents (& they are starting to notice)

This video.

Oh my word.

Let me explain BEFORE YOU WATCH….

My little ones- Haitian kids, growing up with American parents, inside of Haiti- well, let’s just say they aren’t getting the typical upbringing. Not typical compared to American children or their Haitian peers.

At ages 5 and 7, my kids are starting to become rather observant to their differences. Dalencia, who attends a dance school 2-3 times a week, gets a lot of questions from her friends as to why her parents are white. Both of our kids, who now would rather speak English over Creole, prefer playing with their American friends over their Haitian ones. And they both are starting to realize that having blans as parents (especially here in Haiti) means their parents are different.

Having blans as parents, as opposed to Haitian ones, means they get stared at a lot, called out to a lot, and asked for money a lot. It means they deal with a lot of snickering and a lot of “ask your white mom to give me _________” remarks simply by walking down the street.

Right now, they ignore most of this, or sometimes they laugh. But I am waiting for the day where the comments from their fellow Haitians regarding their parents will offend them. Something to pray about…

Currently, their minds are like sponges. And this video makes that apparent. This was not staged. We had NO IDEA they were going to do this. They simply saw Hunter with the camera and begin acting this way- so obviously he had to film it.

This, my friends, is how Haitians view us through the eyes of my little ones.

Does this say anything?

~ Jillian

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