Confession #75: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Creations by Kencia & Guerdine


So, I probably should wait and share these pretty things with you when they are finally available to purchase, but I just can’t help myself.

We are currently working through the not-so-pretty details of preparing EmmausWorks to go online, but the waiting time hasn’t stopped my jewelry gals from working hard to create these gems!

The purpose of EmmausWorks is to provide our teens with the ability to work, learn to manage a small business, save for their futures, and teach them to become more independent with their financial needs. The money you give to purchase an item through EmmausWorks will go directly to the teen who made it- whether it be a screen printed t-shirt or tote, a purse or headband, or jewelry. 100% of your purchase goes to them, not to Emmaus House.

We are excited about all the future possibilities EmmausWorks will create for our teens. We hope that this program will encourage all of them in their individual goals as they approach adulthood.

Anyway, like I said, I just had to go ahead and share these pictures. This stuff is just way to pretty to keep all to myself!

I’ll let ya’ll know as soon as we are ready to sell. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!

~ Jillian

Made for you by Kencia & Guerdine:









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