Confession #64: Orphan Care: A Call for Higher Standards (Thoughts of my own said by another)

Serving as a short-term visitor to an orphanage for seven years, overseeing one for another 2+ years, and now working solely with teenagers who have aged out of the orphanage system, my mind is constantly immersed in orphan care. I live in a country filled with children who have been orphaned, and I don’t see the cycle changing anytime soon. But there are so many churches and missions in my country, which has always led me to question why there are so many orphans. Answer: There are so many orphanages. This reality always tends make to wander back to the chicken and the egg. Which came first? The orphan crisis or the plethora of orphanages?

Being so close to my heart, I am always on the lookout for new ideas when it comes to orphan care. Who has found a way to do it right? Who has found the balance? Who has created a wheel that is healthy and moving in the right direction, and how can I learn from them?

Today I stumbled upon a woman’s blog (thanks to Facebook) and felt like I was reading pages out of my own journal. Her opening lines:

Β Is it possible to try to do something God commands us to do, and get it wrong? Β It is possible to do harm, while seriously attempting to do good?


Seeing that the blog was about how and how not to care for orphans, her questions hooked me and I had to continue reading.

So here I am, sharing this blog with you as well. Hoping you will read it. And praying that God will continually reveal light onto all of us on how we can best help (and not harm) the millions of orphaned children all over the world.


MUST READ:Β How to screw up orphan care in the name of Jesus

~ Jillian

2 Comments on “Confession #64: Orphan Care: A Call for Higher Standards (Thoughts of my own said by another)

  1. So glad to discover your blog too! My parents spend their winters in Haiti, and my 18 yr old sister was adopted from there a couple years ago. I haven’t been there, but my husband has visited Dessalines. I look forward to snooping into your blog and ministry further!


    • Carla- Haiti is sure the place to be if you want to avoid cold winters πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for your blog post. More people need to speak up for what orphaned children really need, even if what they need isn’t easy to give. We must do this right! Thanks for encouraging us all to ask the hard questions.


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