Confession #60: Rooftop Prayers Are the Best


Perhaps it is because you are “physically closer to Heaven” or something, but rooftop prayers are the best.

Especially in Haiti.

Especially at Emmaus House.

There is just something so (fill in the blank) about sitting on a roof, with mountains beyond mountains, rooftops beyond rooftops, and a vast sky up above as your only scenery, with a half a dozen muffled church choirs in the background serenading your prayers as you talk to God.

The sights…

The sounds…

The beauty….

It brings me to my knees often.

Raises my arms often.

Brings forth the tears often.

Praying on the rooftop at Emmaus House- it is a habit I am forming a few times a week. With the time change, I have learned that my favorite time for rooftop prayers is between 5:30 and 6:00 pm. In Haiti, that is right when the sun is setting now a days and it is right when the churches start gathering for their evening worship. So between the sun setting off the mountainous landscape and the various harmonies of the Christians in our community, it is rooftop prayer heaven.

What do I pray for on the rooftop? I pray for my family, for blessings over Emmaus House, for the specific needs of our teenagers and for their individual dreams for their futures. I pray for wisdom and for strength as their leader. I pray for our leadership in the states and for all of our sponsors. I pray for God to bring forth new sponsors and that He would always provide our daily bread. I pray that we at Emmaus House would never stray away from His original plans for us. And above all, I pray that we would be a blessing unto Him.

So often, these rooftop prayers of mine end in silence, and a deep long stare off into the distant sky. God’s beauty always tends to capture me and silence me at some point, drifting my thoughts away and giving me peace, perfect peace. It is almost like God’s way of putting His gentle hand on me and telling me, I’ve got this Jillian. Emmaus House is Mine. You and these teenagers are Mine. Just keep talking to Me on the rooftop and remember to focus on Me.

So I will. I will keep praying on the rooftop. And I will keep focusing on God. Because although I know you can pray to God anywhere and anytime…there is just something so (ok, I really can’t even find a word to explain it) about praying on the rooftop- in Haiti- at Emmaus House. Perhaps it is just where God has called me to pray. And that is why it is just so special to me. It is our special meeting place. I don’t know. All I know is that I’m in love with this rooftop….

Do you have a spot like this? A place you love to go and talk to God? A place that is so wonderful you can’t even find words to describe it? Tell me about it!


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