Confession #51: The Battle of the Birthdays Has Begun!!!


Best friends and birthdays only 10 days apart, who can beat each other in the battle to raise $$$ for Emmaus House?

This year, Gerome and Hunter are willing to fight it out for the youth of Emmaus. And it is up to you all to decide who will win the battle!

Emmaus House is in great need of financial support in order to sustain our ministry. Without the generosity of others, Emmaus House will not be able to continue to operate here in Haiti.

Because of that, Gerome and Hunter have their fighting gloves on and are ready to take a punch at who can raise more money in honor of their birthdays for Emmaus House.

Gerome is turning 29 on October 11.


Hunter is turning 28 on October 21.



Want to join the fight?


Gerome and Hunter will be fighting the Battle of the Birthdays from September 21-October 21, but they need your to win.

Here is how:

  1. Pick your favorite opponent (You won’t hurt their feelings, promise.)
  2. Go online, either to my BLOG or our WEBSITE and donate 29 for Gerome’s birthday or 28 for Hunter’s birthday via PayPal. (Although, all donation amounts are accepted.)
  3. Then visit our Emmaus House Facebook Page, snag your opponent’s birthday picture, share it with your friends, and encourage others to join the fight!

Remember, the battle is on from September 21- October 21. You can track who is winning the fight on the main page of our WEBSITE. And we will be sharing regular reports via Facebook as well.

So who do you think will win the Battle of the Birthdays? Friends, it is up to you!

Now let the battle begin for Emmaus House!!!

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