Confession #50: I Am Going to Get Ideas


Tomorrow I am leaving Haiti to head to Austin, TX for 4 days.

Is Austin home? Nope.

Am I going to fundraise for Emmaus House? Nope.

Is there a wedding/ funeral/ graduation to attend? Nope.

To be honest, I don’t even know a single sole in Austin, TX.

So why in the world and I going?

To get ideas of course!

I was gifted the amazing opportunity to attend Idea Camp this year with two of my lovely fellow missionary friends.

What is Idea Camp? Great question! To answer that I am going to refer to the following places for more information:

Am I super pumped? Absolutely!

Can I hardly wait to learn from some of my favorite bloggers, writers, organization leaders, and so forth? Nope, not really!

And most importantly, am I already dying for some good ol’ fashioned sweet tea? Um, YES!!!

So here I go…off to learn…off to get ideas…my favorite journal nestled in my bag with pages ready to be filled with ideas. I need ideas for Haiti, ideas for Emmaus House, ideas for our youth, ideas for their futures, and ideas on how to better serve the people I love. And I pray to find these ideas at Idea Camp.

Will you pray with me?

~ Jillian 

P.S. Thanks to all the wonderful women who made this trip possible for me. I will let you all know all the ideas I gained! 

4 Comments on “Confession #50: I Am Going to Get Ideas

  1. Jillian I will email you tomorrow. I just got on the tell you some things that I need to share with you and saw this. Expect an email from me tomorrow. I hope you can read it and respond to it.


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