Confession #48: We are Homeschooling

Reading the Word Wall

Reading the Word Wall

There are many things I NEVER thought I would become in life. A missionary and a mom who homeschools ranked pretty high on the NEVER GONNA HAPPEN list growing up. Yet here I am- living in Haiti and teaching my kiddos from my kitchen table.

God, You sure are funny.

It’s not that I am anti-homeschooling or anything. It is just that I went to school to be a teacher and not a homeschooler. I am in debt up to the wazoo to be a special education teacher IN-THE-CLASSROOM and not my house. (I have a M.A in Special Ed for crying out loud!) And the thought that my monthly payments of $$$.$$ are potentially going to pay back an education for a career that I may or may not ever use again is semi super depressing at times.

I am slowly coming to accept my realities: the reality that I will forever be in debt (especially on my missionary salary), the reality that I may never teach in the classroom again, and the reality that I homeschool. The first two realities, well, they suck to be quite honest. But the later, I have to admit is growing on me some.

Now, I am not saying that Nalandson and Dalencia will be homeschoolers for life. With their mom and both grandmothers being teachers, they will probably enter the school system as soon as they get to America. But in the meantime, the three of us are going to rock away at some homeschooling!

What are we doing this year? The little ones have both started Kindergarten. Although there is an age difference, I decided to keep them both together. Nalandson still has some catching up to do, and I wanted to make sure he had another year to get down the foundations before moving on. And Dalencia, although slightly ADD, l is SUPER bright! In other words, I’ve got two kiddos who challenge me in all sorts of directions. But this is what I went to school for, right? Ha!

Math time

Math time

Again, God, You sure are funny!

Balancing being a mom, a teacher for my kids, a wife, and an administrator for Emmaus House is not easy. There just isn’t enough time in the day to fill all of those roles. I am assuming most moms who homeschool typically don’t have full time jobs as well. I, on the other hand, do. And although I am only four days in to this crazy routine of homeschooling/Emmaus work/family life/Hunter time/is there any time for myself (Answer: no!) schedule, so far so good. Prayers for patience and also for my husband who is now having to learn to do most of the chores and cooking around the house would be much appreciated!

So there you have it. The Kittrells are homeschooling and secretly loving it! I just hope we survive!

~ Jillian

7 Comments on “Confession #48: We are Homeschooling

  1. I am very impressed and a tad bit jealous! I have long believed that there are significant advantages to homeschooling, but I just never had the courage. And so, I greatly admire you and what you are doing – and I repeat am a tad bit jealous!


  2. Yay Jilian! You have joined the club! Congrats, you will do wonderfully at it and it is so worth every minute! Just let me know if you need any advice. I am more than willing to help you out! God bless and keep in touch. Homeschooling and being at home all day with kids can get lonely, so if you need to talk to anyone, I’m your gal. Love ya girl. ~ Rachel Laycock (Farmer)


      • Sonlight has worked great for us so far. There is a lot of reading involved, but sometimes we just get books on tape and listen to them so I can save my voice. We also use Horizon math, and we ordered the Mike Huckabee cartoon History videos which they love. It’s all trial and error though and I tweak their education to my liking and what they enjoy. We may try something different next year just to spark their interest. How has it been going with you all so far? What are you using?


  3. We will be moving to haiti soon with two children. 5th and 2nd grade. Do u use a homeschool program? Cost of american schools in haiti are more expensive than private schools in the us.


  4. Hi Jillian! Awesome Blog, glad to hear about the home schooling. I am interested in possibly setting up a system of home schooling in Haiti, what are the rules around home schooling in Haiti? Are there lots of restrictions, or are parents allowed to generally do as they wish? Information would be very helpful, please reply! Thank you, God bless you for your faithfulness to his call, Nicola x


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