Confession #44: I am Fundraising for My Family (And It Isn’t Easy)

Kittrell Family

FUN- draising

Yeah, I’m not really sure how the word “fun” sneaked into the word “fundraising” but that’s just me. As a kid, I was never one to enjoy the annual fundraising sales at school- selling wrapping paper or cookie dough. I always sold the lowest amount of Girl Scout cookies in my troop.

Now, however, I have ended up in a job where I have had to learn the ins and outs of fundraising. (Go figure.) And here is what I have learned: Fundraising can be fun when you are passionate about what you are fundraising for, what you are asking people to partner with, and what you are asking others to support.

In other words, I am all about fundraising for Emmaus House! If you have been following my blog, the Emmaus House Facebook page, our Amazon WishList, or have received our newsletters you know that I don’t hesitate to ask for financial support on behalf of Emmaus House. I love our Emmaus Youth, I love what Emmaus House stands for in Haiti, and I love watching the Lord bless our work. And I thank all of you who have stepped up every time to help us meet our many needs along the way! Ya’ll are awesome!

Nalandson beachSomething I am not so great at, though, is fundraising for myself. I can ask for money all day for Emmaus House, but when it comes to myself (my own family) I get a little bashful. Perhaps I am just too prideful or embarrassed to say I need help. It is so easy for me to ask for financial help on

behalf of others, but not for my own family. But the truth of the matter remains: We are missionaries. And missionaries don’t get salaries; they rely on support. And how do we missionaries get support? That’s right. We fundraise!

And again, like I said, that is hard for me. Living in America I loved giving to others. Moving to Haiti seemed perfect for me because I could just do that all the time. What I never really realized, though, was that in order to be a missionary, (especially one with a husband and who would eventually decide to adopt two kids along the way) to survive meant I must also receive from other people.

A.K.A. I can’t just fundraise for Emmaus House. I must almost fundraise for my family.

Since living in Haiti, God has always supplied our needs. In other words, we have never gone without. Sure, we have been uncomfortable at times, but what would life as a missionary be without some discomfort? God never said Haiti would be The Four Seasons, now did He? So a little discomfort I can take.

Currently, God has blessed us with a beautiful little house right down the street from Emmaus Jillian-Moves-Dalen-Blog (1 of 6)House. It was a fixer-upper for sure, but we are enjoying every minute in our little home. Ok yes, the showers still don’t work so we are bathing with buckets. And yes, we never have city power at night so to escape the heat Hunter sleeps on the tile floor, but we love our house nevertheless.

Many people have the misconception that living in Haiti is cheaper than living in America. After all, we are talking about the poorest country in the world. Surely this place in cheap, right? But in reality, life here is really rather expensive. Let me just break down how much Hunter and I have to spend each month on certain items in Haiti…

Rent on our house: $312.50

Food for family: $400

Propane for cooking: $30

Internet: $154

Fuel for Generator: $200

Drinking water: $10

Fuel & services for motorcycle: $50

Phone service: $40

Not to mention medical insurance ($285), student loans ($550), monthly prescriptions, education expenses, clothing money, saving up for our two adoptions, and a little bit of cushion money just in case.

Morning-mustache-With-the-kidsSo what I am trying to say is this:

We are looking for supporters- individuals, families, or churches to partner along side our family and support us as we live in Haiti and help oversee the work at Emmaus House.

Support can come in all shapes and sizes. From one-time donations, to monthly commitments, to quarterly contributions, to yearly gifts, our family would be grateful for them all.

In order to makes ends meet, our family currently needs to FUNdraise  $2,200 a month. That is 22 individuals, families, or churches partnering with us at $100 a month! Easy, right? We already have a portion of our monthly support coming in, but it is not enough to sustain us down here.  We have never asked for an increase in support money since we have lived here, even after we took in two children.  So now that we have our own house and two little ones, we really need the extra help.

So here is how you can help our family:

1)   Commit to support our family monthly. Emmaus House is in the process of obtaining its Dalen Fort Liberty 10501c3 status. In the meantime, all donations are accepted under the Northwest church of Christ in Colorado, therefore all donations are tax-deductible. Donations can be made via check (address below) or online on the Northwest’s website or Paypal which is provided on the Emmaus House website or this blog. Simply designate your donation for the Kittrells. For more information on how to become a monthly contributor, email Emmaus House Treasure & board member, Tom Cromie, at

2)   Make a one-time donation. Make a one-time donation to help us with a specific need, like our rent for one month, our water for the whole year, our generator’s fuel for six months, or whatever else God lays on your heart. Again, these donations will be tax-deductible and can be made via PayPal or through Northwest church of Christ (directions below). 

3)   Share our family’s story and mission here in Haiti with your friends and church family. Help us raise the support we need by sharing our story with those you in your community.

4)   Join us in prayer. Prayer is so powerful and our God can do BIG things. He will provide everything our family needs to continue working in Haiti for Emmaus House, for that I am certain. Join us in praying that God will supply the supporters we need, and that He will provide for our family in the meantime. Also, join us in praying for our work here in Haiti. Pray that God will protect us and keep us safe. Pray that God will keep us wise and keep our hearts guarded. Pray that our eyes will remain open at all times and that our defenses will be up against the evil one and his lies. Pray that our works will be fruitful and that our lights will shine brightly for His kingdom here in Haiti. And also pray for our family and for our future adoptions. It is going to be a tough and strenuous process once we get started, so we might as well start praying about it now!

Please prayerfully consider how you can help us with our work in Haiti.  Your one-time or monthly commitment will be an amazing blessing to our little family.  Your support will allow us to continue our ministry at Emmaus House and help our family with our day-to-day needs.

Again, for more information on how begin supporting our family, please email Emmaus House Treasurer, Tom Cromie, at for more information.

Check donations:

Northwest church of Christ

5455 W 98th Ave

Broomfield, CO 80020


Online donations:

  1. PayPal on Emmaus House Website and my blog
  2. Northwest church of Christ Website (Follow THESE instructions)

Make sure to designate your donation to the Kittrells

Thanks so much for all your love, prayers, and support. We couldn’t do any of this without you guys!

~ Hunter, Jillian, Nalandson, and Dalencia

2 Comments on “Confession #44: I am Fundraising for My Family (And It Isn’t Easy)

  1. Hello Jillian! I believe one of the hardest things to do is ask for help. You are gaining strength in courage and humility. I just came back from my first mission trip to an orphanage in Dessalines, Haiti and my life is now forever changed. I absolutely love how passionate you are for the Haitians and for the love of God. I would be honored to support you and your family. Just make sure that the next time I make a journey to Haiti, I can have a cot to sleep on so I can come visit!!


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