Confession #42: I Have a Front Porch

I have a front porch at my new house. Front Porch

The color, let’s call it sea foam blue.

My friends from various other missions down here helped me paint it.

They are wonderful.

My porch has two chairs.

Gifted by my parents.

Oversized, burnt orange, and perfect for lounging.

Mango trees shade my porch.

My dogs nap all day by the door.

And I have found my new writing hotspot.

As I sit here, this very moment, I can feel the breeze sweeping by.

The wind keeps picking up leaves from my mango tree and brining them to me- a gift I do not want but accept nevertheless. (I’d rather have a mango personally.)

I can hear children laughing in nearby houses, singing songs and playing hand games.

I can smell garlic cooking in the air- the start of every Haitian meal.

I can hear women walking the streets, calling out items they have for sale. Who will buy from them today?

Occasionally, a moto drives by.

Often, there is a knock on my door. Someone from Emmaus House has come to see me. Come to hang out. Come to sit on my porch with me.

Have I mentioned I love my porch?

I hope to write a lot from this front porch. It’s quite here. Relaxing. Peaceful. And the perfect spot to focus and write.

So be ready.

I may start blogging a lot more!

~ Jillian

6 Comments on “Confession #42: I Have a Front Porch

  1. Jillian, I love my front porch also. I can read, pray, meditate and enjoy the wild life . I have a beautiful garden I work in and enjoy that view from my back porch. I lve to swing.


  2. Yes, a quiet porch, a comfy chair, a good breeze, and God dropping words from your fingertips to the computer as fast as you can type, for awhile. Then a stretch, a nap to rest your eyes a bit, and you’re recharged. God is good about providing just what we really need!


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