Confession #41: Our Youth are Thriving

Eveline Cooking

So today will mark five days of our youth living at Emmaus House. How are they doing? How are they adjusting? Do they even like it?

Although Hunter and I have only been able to spend a few hours a day over there (We are still living at the CHCH and working on our preparing on our house. Lord willing we will be moving out TODAY!) we have been thoroughly impressed with the progress we have seen in those living at Emmaus House.

Perhaps I am only dreaming. Progress in five days? I’m crazy, I know. Maybe it is just a honeymoon period. Or maybe the program just hasn’t gotten difficult yet. Or maybe, just maybe, Emmaus House is what they have needed to truly thrive at their ages all along. (I’m obviously going with the later.)

I’m getting hugs from them everyday. When I am lucky some of them even tell me they love me. (That never happened at the CHCH.)

They smile all the time.

They are always busy doing something.

They are eager to help every time I ask. When they lived at the orphanage I used to have to beg for help. Now, I just to have ask once and I have a crew of workers by my side….in addition to a loud speaker of course.

They are cooking and shopping for their own food.

They are waking up early in the morning to clean their house. One of them came to me the other day with sores on his hands. “I have never had sores on my hands for working so hard,” he said. “Rough hands are a sign of a real man,” I assured him. And instead of complaining about it (which he would have done at the orphanage) he simply laughed and went back to work.

They are going to church multiple times a week as opposed to the one time a week at the orphanage.

They have two devotionals a day- one in the morning and one a night with their house parents.

The girls are always singing. Always dancing.

The boys always have their music playing. And if you act like you aren’t looking you can catch them dancing too.

The Emmaus Youth- they are happy!

And they are thriving!

And it has only been 5 days!

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the next 5 days, or the next 5 weeks, or 5 months, or even 5 years for Emmaus House. Let me just say that if the past 5 days is a hint of what our future looks like, God has BIG things planned for Emmaus House!

May God have all the glory for what He is doing in the lives of the Emmaus Youth!


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