Confession # 40: A Time for Prayer


Heavenly Father,

Oh how long have I awaited this day! Faithfully You have brought us here, providing everything we have needed at every perfect moment.

You know me best; I sometimes don’t trust You enough and I always worry too much. God, I am sorry for doubting you along the way as we formed Emmaus House. I am sorry that I doubted that You would not deliver, that sponsors would not come, and that money would not be provided. I am sorry for the times I have tried to do Your job for You. I am sorry for not trusting that You were in control.

God, there is a song I often sing when times are difficult and I need to refocus on You. You know the one.

            Take a moment to remember who God is and who I am

            There you lifting my load again

            No longer am I held by the yoke of this world

            Come upon you the yoke of Jesus

            His yoke is easy and His burden is so light

            His burden is so light

            Your lifting my load

            Your lifting my load

                        -Will Regan & the United Pursuit

I sang this song to You last night while packing and I started crying to You. Sobbing more like it. Why? Because You are lifting my load. Emmaus House is lifting my load. And Emmaus House is lifting the load of our youth- whether they realize that yet or not. Yes, they are about to work harder now than they ever have. But, it is lifting their load so that they can have the chance to have a brighter future. God, You are so good to us- all of us!

God, I also need You to step in and be an ever present Father in the lives of the Emmaus Youth right now. I want to thank you for sending us Jonthan who is going to be a father figure for them. For the first time, many of them are going to witness a father in a home, and I am so excited for the lessons they are going to learn, the love they are going to receive, and the wisdom they will inherit from him. I know you chose him for them and I ask that you bless him and give him all the guidance he will need. And for Vivian, who will be like a mother to them. Give her patience and understanding. I also ask that You, as their Heavenly Father, seek them as Your children. They are going to need You as they undergo these big changes in their lives. Some may run to You, or some may run away from You. I don’t know. Seek them. Woo them. Love them. Give them tons of grace. And give us leaders the wisdom to know who needs help.

Lord, I want all of our kids to have bright futures.. They all have such beautiful dreams.  And You, God, are the Divine Writer to their futures. You can create beautiful futures for them if they follow You. I entrust their lives in Your hands, and in Your hands alone. Only You know what they need, and only You can foresee what lays ahead for each one of them. Prepare the way for them Lord. Block any obstacles the evil one might put in their way. May they always defeat the darkness when it attacks. May they always remain in the light. Make their futures bright, Lord. And use Emmaus House and its supporters to get them all to where You want them to go!

Eveline, Jenny, Josie, Guerdine, Arriane, Kencia, Djooly, Lobe, Manno, Mackendy, PaPouch, Jetro, Philius, Andy, Luckson, Benson, Willey: All of these youth I give You. Do with them as You will. They are for Your glory here in Haiti. They are here to spread Your kingdom. May they be a witness with Emmaus House that You are present in Haiti and that Your light is bright! Prepare them for greater things yet to come.

Use them.

Mold them.

Love them.

Teach them.

Keep them safe.

Above all else, may Emmaus House bring you glory! It belongs to you.

Thank you for your blessings. May they continually rain down!

Be watching over us.

Thank you for choosing us as Your own.


~ Jillian

3 Comments on “Confession # 40: A Time for Prayer

  1. Jillian, my prayers remain with you and the Emmaus Youth. Like you, I often forget to “let go, and let God” do what He is able…but the following verses remind us that “He IS able” to do so much more than we can request or even conceive of…

    [Ephesians 3:20-21 (NIV)]: 20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

    May these verses lift you up. I found the hymn version to these verses on YouTube…(it is NOT acapella, but perhaps the words and collage of images on this video can speak to your soul as you begin this new and amazing adventure with Him!)…

    In Christian love and prayers,
    Nana Jana in Oklahoma


  2. Jillian I have prayed the same prayer since you were 11years old. Look how God has molded you, protected you, and sought you out. He would not let you slip away even during your darkest times. So now, as you pray the same prayer for your children, all of them, KNOW He is faithful and true. He will be their Father and will mold them, protect them and seek them out. he will ALWAYS hold them close.

    He loves you, and all of us, more tham we will ever know while we live on this Earth. And in this love He wants all of to thrive.

    My heart holds you close and tears fill my eyes as you give your most precious ones to God. You fill me with so much joy.


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