Confession #34: Little Miss Dalencia Loves the City

This weekend was full of big first for our little Miss Dalencia.

When you live in Haiti and your child isn’t “technically” yours, you are rather limited on family vacation options. Besides a few beaches, there isn’t anything here to do. For an Eagle Scout such as my husband, well, he is dying to show Nalandson the world. And I just can’t wait to show off my daughter.

But enough complaining, because this weekend we made a big first step. It took a lot of time, a lot of help from a good friend, and a lot more money than we expected (welcome to all things Haiti) but it was so worth it. This weekend we were able to take Dalencia to the Dominican Republic. With her passport, visa, notarized travel papers, and special IBESR authorization papers in hand, we said a prayer and were able to cross the boarder.

I wasn’t sure what to expect this weekend- how Dalencia would react to the big city of Santo Domingo, if she would like the food, if she could keep up with the fast pace of Dominican life. Would she get scared? Would she be overwhelmed? Would she want to go home? Was she too young for this? Was she ready?

Turns out- my girl LOVES the big city! The lights, the constant ability to see her reflection in all the shiny buildings (so vain, I know), and the shopping-oh does my girl like to shop!

Little Miss Dalencia was a delight to watch this weekend. She was in not stop giggle mode the whole trip. Singing and laughing and taking in a world of unknown fun like escalators, ice cream cones, and warm water bubble baths was all the fun she needed. For Hunter and me, experiencing these things with her for the first time was priceless.

Dalencia and Nalandson both have the whole big world out there to discover, and I want them to see it all. Most of it they aren’t going to be able to see until they are older and until their adoptions are finalized. And until this weekend, we always assumed our adventures with our children would be limited to Haiti as well. But God has provided a way, although rather pricey, for us to travel with Dalencia and Nalandson to the Dominican Republic. It isn’t the big world. It isn’t America. And it defiantly isn’t home with our family. But it is a retreat. It is a vacation. It is a step towards normalcy for us. And it is fun!

Check out some pictures from our trip:

Dalencia before the trip

Our little girl all packed and ready for the road.


First hotel room, first king size bed, first night sleeping in AC, first night with cable TV (she couldn’t sleep), and first hot shower.


First Happy Meal. She was so excited about the toy she could barely eat!


First road trip.

Ice Cream

First ice cream cone.


First bubble bath. She didn’t want to get out…until I reminded her about the TV.

Krispy Kreme

First Krispy Kreme. Can you guess which one she chose?


First movie and first trip to the mall to go shopping!


First time seeing a full size mirror!


First time on an escalator. She thought it was the funniest thing ever!


First time in an elevator. Again, she LOVED the mirrors!

First time in the grocery store. She couldn't pick which cereal!

First time in the grocery store. She couldn’t pick which cereal!

We can’t wait to take our little girl back on vacation again. And next time, we will take Nalandson with us. Not sure how well he will react to the city life, but hopefully it will be a family adventure!


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