Confession #33: Is the American Church Becoming Too Isolated? Read Laura Parker’s Blog!

ChurchAnd several weeks ago, someone asked me what I thought was the biggest problem facing 20 and 30-something women in the American church today. And I’ve wrestled with the answer ever since. Maybe it’s too much religion or not enough time. Perhaps it’s an overabundance of things or a drought of true community. Maybe it’s a culture of materialism or pride or the all-encompassing Me.

And perhaps it’s all of those things, but I reckon you tend to see answers through your own story, and I can’t help but applying the same filter here. Because I look at Mike, an atheist who charges into locked brothels, and then I look at my Christian brothers and sisters who won’t, and I feel a pit in my stomach. Because I know that the brothel is a place that represents so many others like it–  the orphanage and the foster care system, the homeless shelter and the street corner, the ghetto and the nursing home and the third-world country. And it is in these places that Kingdom tends to thrive; these places that mark us for good and draw us into the redemptive stories spinning so wildly among the poor, the oppressed, the marginalized.

And just like the brothels in SouthEast Asia, these are the places, in large part, that my Christian brothers and sisters are not.

And I’ll be honest, that I am not enough either.

And this to me, this is the aching problem of the American church today. It is not a lack of theological knowledge or political conviction. It’s not becoming too liberal or too conservative, too rich or too poor. I think in large part it lies in becoming too isolated from the needs around us.

– Laura Parker

* * * * *

I highly recommend heading over to Laura’s blog and reading her FULL ARTICLE HERE. It challenged me. It will challenge you. But it is worth it.


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