Confession #29: Happy Family Day Dalencia Marie

Dalencia and Jillian 2011

Me and Dalencia 2011

On the Kittrell calendar June 15 is special for two reasons:

First of all it is my birthday.

Today I am 27.

But even more importantly, it is also the day Dalencia joined our family.

Two years ago to the day, Dalencia Marie moved into our home and we committed

to do whatever it would take,

no matter how long it would take, to adopt her as our own child.

And we have never looked back.

Two years later and now her brother Nalandson has moved in with us well.

And life is good.

So happy birthday to me, yes.

But more importantly,


I thank God everyday for brining her into my life.

May this be the best year our family has yet to come!

Dalencia and Jillian 2013

Me and Dalencia 2013

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