Confession #28: I Am Learning To Be Content

Currently our inverter is broken and we have no money to fix it. This means that unless we have EDH (city power),which comes on sporadically when it feels like it, we don’t have power. This is super annoying. Need I remind you how HOT Haiti is in June? Especially without fans? ARRR!

As I sat around today moaning and groaning about my sad, hot, powerless life (cue sad music if you must) I recalled a fun and similar story I had on my shelf that I knew would help cheer me up! And after reading it I knew I had to share it with you all today….


Stuff Christians Like

Jonathan Acuff

There are two things you need to know about missionaries:

1: You should always support them.

2. You should never complain around them.

The first one is pretty obvious; they need our money and our prayers to go serve wherever it is God has called them. The second one is a little more subtle but equally true.Ā 

Because even if your missionary friend is quiet and never judgmental, I have to suspect that when you say, “My hot water heater broke and I had to take a cold shower this morning,” he’s secretly thinking, “Water? I remember water. It’s that wet stuff that comes out of pipes sometimes, right? I saw a picture of it in the book we have in the desert schoolhouse I teach in, and it reminded me that I had not yet taken a shower this month. But perhaps I will walk into the city next week and see if one of our host families will empty a plastic bottle of gray-colored water on my head. That would be nice, I think. What was that you were saying about your hot water heater? You had to call a plumber after you looked up his number on the internet while eating a sandwich in you house that didn’t have snakes regularly coming in through the holes in the wall? No please, go on. I am riveted by this tale of survival and hardship you are spinning, much like the black widow spiders I routinely sweep off my dirt floor or ‘bed’ if you will. Please do go on.”

HeHe. I laugh every time.

It is a vast over-exaggeration of my life, for sure. I live a very comfortable missionary life compared to most. I am blessed. Or perhaps spoiled. Maybe not brave enough. I don’t know.

Point is, it is hot here in Haiti and I don’t have power and I am trying really hard not to complain.

I am trying to learn to be content.

End of story.


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