Confession #24: Perhaps We are CRAZY- We are Doubling Our Goal

Maybe we are CRAZY (I mean just check out Hunter’s new goatee), but we decided to double our GoFundMe goal.

Originally we asked for $10,000 to help fund the rent for our Emmaus House, but then we raised that in just 5 days. So we thought to ourselves, “Our supporters are so awesome, why not try for $20,000 and try to raise all the money needed for rent + all the things we need to fill our house?” And so that is what we are going to try to do!

We need bunk beds, mattresses, bedding, bathroom supplies, kitchen supplies and appliances, fans, storage supplies, carpets, cleaning supplies, furniture, and much more. Most of these items can be purchased and made in Haiti, so your GoFundMe donations could be very beneficial.

We can’t thank you enough for helping us rent our Emmaus House. We are truly so grateful for your support. Now, please consider helping us fill our house. We have two more months before our big move! So let’s do this!

Donate. Share on Facebook. Spread the Word. Together, let’s get Emmaus House put together!


~ Jillian

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