Confession #19: I’m Re-Thinking One-for-One Campaigns

I am a Christian.

I love to laugh.

And I appreciate well-done satire.

Therefore, I LOVE Tripp and Tyler.

I have also been a big fan of one-for-one campaigns for quite some time.

Hence the 4 pairs of Toms in my already limited shoe collection.

All that changed, however, when I saw Toms (the shoes I thought were being purchased one-for-one to then be given away to a children in need) sold on the streets in downtown Haiti.

I then began having my doubts.

I still wear my Toms.

But you won’t see me purchasing a new pair anytime soon…if ever.

Thing is, I’m just not so convinced the one-for-one concept works anymore.

I wish it did.

Because it sounds so ideal.

I buy something I want.

And in return somebody in the world get something they need.

I get to help someone while I help myself.


Now that I live in Haiti, however, I see the other side of the story.

I am now no longer confident in the integrity of many of these one-for-one businesses.

Even more, I don’t even believe they are doing much to help people.

They may be providing “stuff” but is that “stuff” really doing a whole lot of good?

I’m just not so sure.

So when I saw Tripp and Tyler’s new video this week I all but fell out of my chair laughing.

Sure, they are a little over the top. But that is what makes it so hilarious! And so true!

They are actually kinda dead-on when it comes to so many aid-organizations in Haiti- coming down here with good hearts but with a lack of knowledge on what the people actually need.

Okay, so maybe I haven’t seen smoothie machine ministries in Haiti yet, but one day, it really wouldn’t surprise me.

So anyway, watch the video. I hope you find it to be as funny as I did. If you find it offensive, I apologize. Just know that it is a humorous exaggeration of what happens in countries like Haiti everyday, unfortunately. And that’s a problem. Funny for a 3-minute video clip, but then a problem we need to agree to not be a part of as we serve others internationally.

And if you are a fan of Toms shoes, believe me, I can totally relate. They are stinkin’ cute and super comfy! Like I said, I own 4 pairs myself. All I am saying is that before you buy your next pair, you may want to consider doing your research. You may just be surprised as to what you discover. I was.

Thoughts? Experiences?


2 Comments on “Confession #19: I’m Re-Thinking One-for-One Campaigns

  1. May not necessarily be the Toms peoples’ fault. I’ve seen US relief commodities marked “Donated – Not for Sale” being sold by vendors in the market many times. Sometimes the intent of the giver is good but getting the gift to the one who really needs it can be challenging. Depending on your view of things, ultimately someone benefits, either the one who receives the gift or the one who makes a little money to survive on by selling the gift. Not sure that is exactly right and certainly not the original intent but…. I don’t know. Simple things rarely really are simple.


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