Confession # 14: I’m Rethinking Orphan Justice

Orphan Girl

“I have heard and seen trafficking of children with families with my own ears and eyes. Some of this was done as a lack of knowledge, but some of it was done blatantly. In our eyes, we can’t imagine a Christian agency knowingly trafficking children under the guise of “they will be better off in the US anyway,” but it happens way more frequently than we could have ever imagined. If we truly say that we are people of justice, then these ethical and illegal issues MUST stop and be addressed. We cannot empower the stealing of children from their cultures any longer. We cannot allow children to be a commodity. We can, however, empower the nationals in so many different ways to restore hope, dignity, create jobs, sponsor by going and learning first hand what beauty and resources are in each community. In doing this, though it will be even harder than it sounds, those who are true orphans, and not adoptable in their home country, can be identified for international adoption. The problem for our Western mindsets with this is that it takes way more time, way more money without us receiving much, if any, credit. But if we say that we care about orphans and justice, then we must set aside our savior complex and hero mentality. This is the ONLY responsible, holistic, and sustainable way to move forward…”

Caleb David, One Child Campaign 

If you are intrigued, I highly recommend reading the full blog post HERE!

~ Jillian

2 Comments on “Confession # 14: I’m Rethinking Orphan Justice

  1. That is informative. I saw with the new Hague Convention adoption guidelines that it put more restrictions on adoption to protect babies from being trafficked, but wasn’t aware how often children are being trafficked for that purpose (yes, I find it hard to believe that Christian agencies would blatantly do that, but if it happens, it happens and it isn’t right). Thanks for posting.


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