Confession # 11: I Have a New Favorite Musical Artist

Hunter and I have been rather busy the past few days, getting ready to head to the states to fundraise for Emmaus House. The logistics of leaving the orphanage director-less for a few weeks takes a matter of prepping. Not to mention we are trying to soak up every last minute with our kids as we can, seeing that we can’t yet travel with them. And then to top it all off we have been busy making videos, presentations, hand-outs, schedules, and the sorts for our time in America. Needless to say, we have been busy and blogging has been on put on my back burner the past few days. And although I still don’t have time to write much, I simply wanted to share with ya’ll my new favorite artist. Her name is JJ Heller, and after a few days I am already hooked to her music. In Hunter’s own words, “Do you love her or something?” Answer: Yes, I think I do!

2 Comments on “Confession # 11: I Have a New Favorite Musical Artist

  1. Jillian, I love her SO much! Her album Painted Red is one of my favorites of all time. There was a period of a few months in 2010 when I listened to nothing else (uhhh…). Glad you like her too!


    • Kristen, I totally understand. I can’t stop listening. And I think Hunter is secretly catching on as well…which is good considering I will probably be playing her non-stop on our up coming road trip. 🙂


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