Confession # 10: I Love Food

Hunter & JillianIn T-minus 1 week, in this exact moment, I will be sitting in the booth of the first chain restaurant I lay my eyes on (preferably of the Italian or Mexican variety) and will be over indulging myself in one of the things I love most about America: FOOD!

That’s right! In one week Hunter and I are heading to the states for 2 ½ weeks to fundraise for the Emmaus House. And as routine has it, within 30 minutes of getting into our vehicle, which is parked at the airport in Florida, we will head straight for the nearest, most appetizing restaurant. Our budget is typically off limits for our first meal back in America. Flavored teas, appetizers, any main dish we want, desserts- if we want it and if our bellies can hold it, then by golly we order it!

We’ve done this a few times- first meals in America I mean. The first time was after our first full year in Haiti. In the direction of Orlando for a weekend vacation before heading home for the Christmas holidays, we stopped at Olive Garden. Still dressed in Haitian missionary attire (That means we both smelled a little funny and looked like walking hand-me-downs.) we downed four baskets of breadsticks and two bowls of salads (with extra dressing) all before our meals + dessert arrived. I can still see the neighboring family curiously glancing at us from the table to our left. Seriously though, I bet they thought we had just escaped from prison or something and were sharing our first meal in weeks. We looked that gross, that awkward, and that desperate for good food.

The next few times we weren’t so weird. I promise. Unless you count the time I begged the waitress at the airport Chili’s to give me chips and queso for breakfast at 9:00am. And you better believe I pulled the missionary card. And you better believe I won!

Okay, so maybe Hunter and I get a little psycho when it comes to food and our trips home to America. We are a week out and we are already beginning to talk about where we might stop to eat for dinner. When you live in a city with only two to three decent/sanitary restaurants to choose from on rotation, things like Olive Garden’s breadsticks sound like the most exciting thing ever!

On a for real note though, I used to really struggle with the loss of food abundance in my daily life. After we moved here I longed for the days of grocery shopping at Publix and Whole Foods, eating out whenever I didn’t feel like cooking, and practically having the luxury to eat whatever I wanted when I wanted. I missed the days when eating was a pastime with friends and family, not just a daily routine you did to survive. Eventually, however, I became accustomed to the not having. I began to enjoy my weekly visits to the same-old restaurant. And the cravings for the food back home slowly began to subside. In other words, the grace of God has been sustaining me as I live in Haiti.

Even still, both of us can’t help but to get a little giddy about coming home for something so simple as food. It seems so superficial, I know, but Hunter and I really love food. Evenings at our favorite restaurants, weekends trying out new recipes in the kitchen together, and Saturday morning breakfast were some of our favorite times together back in the day. And we miss those times like crazy. Maybe when it all comes down to it, it isn’t so much the food we miss, but our personal time together. Nah….I really just think it is just the food. 😉

So T-minus 1 week here we come and ready to eat!!!

~ Jillian

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